The Proceeding of the International Nursing & Midwifery Health Care Education Conference 2019 with the theme "Improving Health Care Practices Through Excellent Health Education Systems in Southeast Asia" is a collection of selected works from the thoughts and hard work of researchers in nursing and midwifery. Various research results presented at this conference are expected to provide the latest information about the world of nursing and midwifery that will accompany nurses and midwives in Indonesia to become more qualified and professional. This activity was carried out at the STIKES Graha Edukasi Makassar Auditorium on 19-20 October 2019.

In this conference there will be presentations and discussions on the latest issues in nursing and midwifery research. The conference will present international speakers from Thailand, the Philippines and national speakers who will certainly share the latest issues of nursing and midwifery on an international and national scale.

Above all, the committee hopes that all research results contained in this preceeding will be beneficial for efforts to improve the quality of nursing and midwifery in Indonesia.

Thank you to the various parties who have worked together in compiling and publishing this proceeding and the successful implementation of this conference.

Hopefully this proceeding can be useful in efforts to improve the quality of nursing and midwifery care in Indonesia..

Published: 2019-11-01